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 Classes & Events

Information for Classes, Workshops, & Special Events featuring Amira Hamzar

Class Locations & Parking

+Traverse City: Pure Essence Wellness Center

1240 E 8th Street Traverse City, MI 49686

Free ample parking on two sides of the building

+Kalkaska: Tree of Life Bodyworks

798 W Mile Road, Kalkaska MI 49646

Free parking in the front of the building

Classes & Upcoming Events


+Mondays in Kalkaska: Beginner Belly Dance+ 

The Goddess Workout® Introduction to Belly Dance 

Drum Solo Double Feature

the 5-week session runs 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, and 5/22

+Fridays in Traverse City: Beginner Belly Dance+

The Goddess Workout® Belly Dance Fusion: "First Transmission"

The 4-week session runs 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, and 5/19.


4/1/23 2p-3p Basic Stage Makeup Class

Kalkaska at the Tree of Life Bodyworks

4/22/23 Spring Student Recital

Get your FREE tickets here!

6/14/23 Amira performs in the God & Goddess Showcase

8/16/23 Amira performs in the Crystal Showcase


+Mondays in Kalkaska at the Tree of Life Bodyworks+

"Selemet" 3/20, 3/27, 4/3 and 4/10

"Haggalah Drum Solo" 4/24, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, and 5/22

No class on Memorial Day 5/29

"Jayna Taqsim" 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, and 6/26

No class on July 3 because of Independence Day and cherry festival

"Jupiter Suite" 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21, and 8/28

+Fridays in Traverse City at the Pure Essence Wellness Center+ 

"Walla Walla Drum Solo" 3/24, 3/31, 4/7 and 4/14

"Taqsim" 4/28, 5/5, 5/12, and 5/19

No class on May 26 because of Memorial Day

"Maksoum Drum Solo" 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, and 6/23

No class on June 30 because of Independence Day weekend and cherry festival

"Nasim" 7/7, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, and 8/25

No class on September 1 because of Labor Day weekend

About African Dance

There are a variety of dance styles that fall under the umbrella of African Dance, including, but not limited to, West African

Afro-Brazillian, Afro-Haitian, and Afro-Cuban. But it all started in the Motherland of Africa,

where dance is more than just physical movement, it is also a way of everyday life for celebration and healing. 

The movements emulate what was observed in nature and the elements. 

Certain dances beckon these energies to facilitate healing and connection to the world around them.  

For absolute beginners; no dance experience necessary, as anyone can learn these dances.

As they say in Zimbabwe, "If you can talk, you can sing; and if you can walk, you can dance."

Learn how to move the feet, hips, torso, shoulders with passion and joy; and once you start moving, you won't want to stop!

This will feel more like a party than a boring workout.

So, get ready to move and be moved to the heart-pounding, energizing,

invigorating beat that will put a smile on your face and a shimmy in your step!

About Belly Dance

Take a FREE Belly Dance Class here!

(Please check back soon)

About The Goddess Workout(R): Cardio Belly Dance

Universally embraced for its incredible benefits to the body,

Belly Dance is one of the most ancient forms of dance,

and offers a different approach to wellness than traditional western exercise.

While strengthening the muscles, you also minimize stress on the joints and vertebrae.  

This fun, effective, and low-impact workout​ is taught with a sense of fun and ease.

Amira Hamzar is known for her warm and supportive teaching style. 

No matter your age, body type, or background, it's suitable for all dance levels, as modifications are given.

After a warm-up, you will learn the basic movements of Belly Dance, building a strong foundation.

These are the moves that make you feel feminine, and are broken down in a simple manner. 

They are strung together into fun combinations, and class concludes with a cool-down.

This natural and holistic low-impact full-body workout will help

boost energy, stamina, well-being, flexibility, self-confidence, and strength,

all while reducing stress, improving your grace, coordination, and balance!  

Using muscles that you never knew you had, Belly Dance is about isolation and control,

improving your posture with a strong core. You will find that this is a workout routine you will stick with!

About The Goddess Workout(R): Finger Cymbals

Although Finger Cymbals are a natural and fundamental part of Belly Dance,

beginner students can feel unsure of how they relate to the music and steps.

In fact, they can be a dancer's best friend, as they provide impact in the performance.

Amira's warm approach to teaching Finger Cymbals and Middle Eastern Rhythms

will help you avoid frustration, and get you playing right away! 

About The Goddess Workout(R) Sacred Belly Dance 

Belly Dance is, by its very nature, sacred. Because the movements mimic the elements of nature and the shapes found therein, this is most natural way to move the body. It transcends age, shape, size, ethnicity, and culture as it has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. There are sacred codes locked insides the movements; this is the secret language of the Universe. This dance is the secret doorway, and to pass through is to unlock your power.  

Throughout history, sacred dance such as Belly Dance, was a form of worship and prayer. The priestesses in the temple would dance in reverence of deity, and they in turn, were the embodiment of that deity here on Earth. They were channels of Divine wisdom, but as the focus shifted from matriarchal to patriarchal, dance was banished from the temples.

Although the temples of the past have crumbled, your body is your temple and dance is your prayer. 

About The Goddess Workout(R): Veils

Spellbinding, magical, mysterious, seductive, captivating, and beautiful.

All of these words come to mind when it comes to the Veil, because it's more than just a mere prop,

it is an extension of the dancer. The Veil can float and spin, hide and then reveal the dancer. 

Adding the Veil to your dance makes this a low-impact full-body workout, especially for the arms!

This class starts with a warm-up and concludes with a cool-down. 

There are different types of Veils including fabric, size and shape as well as decorative trim.

Amira teaches Chiffon Veil, Silk Veil, and Double Veil, as well as Veil Fans!

Learn the secrets of each and how to interact with them through

hand positions, arm patterns, weight changes, transitions, spins, and body alignment.

All of this will help you to get the Veil to move the way you want it to. 

About Chakra Belly Dance

The Chakras make up a rainbow-colored energy system, and when your energy flows correctly, your life flows accordingly! 

The Goddess Workout(R) Sacred Belly Dance Chakra Series aids in self-awareness on the physical,

emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Use the tools from class to establish unbalanced Chakras,

bring them into balance, and release tension and anxiety, all with a sense of purpose. 

This class is the blend of both ancient and new modalities;

combining an uplifting and motivating low-impact full-body dance workout with meditation,

affirmations, and Crystal wisdom. 

Part presentation and part dance class, this class is open to dancers and non-dancers alike!

Whether you are an experienced dancer or you have two left feet, this class is both enjoyable and doable.

Ideal for any fitness level, you will taken through the movements step-by-step.

Use this holistic approach to fortify the mind, build your confidence, and bring yourself into alignment. 

About Burlesque Dance

Take a FREE Burlesque class here!

Do you like feeling confident, graceful, elegant, glamorous, AND a little naughty?

Who says that a workout can't make you feel sexy?

A workout doesn't have to feel like "work," instead spice up your workout routine

with The Goddess Workout(R) Beginner Burlesque. 

Get ready to sizzle, because you will learn how to strut like a showgirl while building poise,

feeling empowered, and boost your self-esteem! Let your hair down and release your inhibitions

with dance steps that are fun, lightly aerobic, and help you to forget about the stresses of everyday life. 

Anyone can do it, so grab your friends and make this your "Girls Night Out."

About Burlesque: Burlesque has a long history as a theatrical artform with many styles

ranging from the Vintage (Classic) to Modern (Neo).

Burlesque is a combination dance with acting with the art of concealing and revealing.

Burlesque builds confidence, bold femininity, playfulness, grace, and glamour with a dash of humor.   

About Indian Dance

Masala Bhangra & Bollywood

Bhangra is the most popular, and possibly well-known,

community dances from the villages of Punjab, India. 

Bhangra is closely linked to the traditional importance of the wheat harvest,

Vaisakhi, sometimes spelled Baisakhi.

Dancers gather around the wheat harvest in the open field,

and move to the beat of the drum, called the Dohl.

Although Bhangra has a long history, it has gained international popularity as of late,

creating a modern movement.

Known as the "Hip-Hop of India," Bhangra's high energy will spice up your workout.

Bollywood is a mixture of classical Indian dance, Masala Bhangra, plus a myriad of global dance styles,

all rolled into one number fir for the silver screen!

Inspired by the moves found in the hit Indian films,

this is far from your tedious exercise routine! Instead, you feel sassy, sexy, and playful. 

About Latin Dance

There are a myriad of Latin Dance styles, including, Salsa, Reggaeton, and Samba.​

Turn up the heat with sizzling Latin dance moves and burn up the dance floor with some Latin attitude. 

Put a sway in your step and shakes loose the stress of the day. 

Perfect for beginners of all ages, sizes, shapes, and ability. 

These easy-to-follow but spicy dance steps that are broken down for maximum fun!


About Polynesian Dance

The dances of Polynesia are many and include Hawaiian Hula and two Tahitian styles,

the vibrant Ote'a and Aparima.

You will be spellbound by the beauty and grace of these traditional dances,

which have always been an integral part of life generation after generation. 

Combining footwork, hip movements, with storytelling with the hands and arms,

you will be moving from head-to-toe! 

Dance Class FAQ's

Q: What are your teaching qualifications?

A: My dance journey started at the age of four with Ballet, and I celebrated 20 years of Belly Dance in 2021! I started teaching in 2004 and in 2009, I was certified to teach the Goddess Workout(R) format in 2009. And now that we have moved to hybrid classes, I am also certified through the Online Trainers Federation(R) for a ore seamless class experience!


Q: How much are classes, workshops, and private lessons?

A: Rates will vary, depending on the location, the type of class and whether you are attending a group class or booking a private lesson. Please check the class page or the private lesson page for more information.


Q: Where are your in-person classes?
A: Classes are held in Traverse City, as well as surrounding northwestern lower Michigan areas, including Cadillac, Central Lake, Evart, and Houghton Lake. If none of these locations are near to you, ALL of my classes are live on Zoom and the replays are included at no extra charge. Or, feel free to ask me about bringing a class to your area! 


Q: What if I have never taken a dance class before? Can ANYONE learn how to dance?
A: That is not a problem, because most of my students are beginners! No dance experience necessary.  I always give variations for moves. Listen to your body and only do what you can today. You can always challenge yourself another day!


Q: Can I just watch a class before actually taking one? Will men be watching me while I'm in class?
A: I occasionally offer free classes, so you can try it out in an in-person setting. I also have on-demand free classes (available soon), that you can take to try that class style "on for size." There are two reasons why I do not allow people (of any gender) to observe a class; it is not fair to the people that paid for the class, and they also don't like "being watched."


Q: Am I "too old" or "too fat" to take a dance class?
A: NO! There is no such thing! Classes are for all ages, sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. There are only a couple of exceptions regarding age; one is for minors and the other is for Burlesque class. Minors need to have a signed waiver, and Burlesque is 18+.


Q: Do I HAVE to show my belly? What should I wear to class?

A: Absolutely not! I want you to feel comfortable, but I do have some recommendations. Please wear leggings or yoga pants (instead of a skirt), so I can see your legs, and try to stay away from "baggy" clothing, so I can see the moves better. You might also want some layers; you can add and subtract pieces as you warm-up and cool-down. We are typically barefoot, but you can wear shoes if that particular facility allows it. For Belly Dance class, you can wear a jingly hip scarf, so you can feel the movements better (I do have some for sale). 


Q: Should I bring anything to class?

A: I always recommend that you bring a water bottle, a pen and notebook for taking notes, and perhaps a light snack and a towel. If you need a particular item for class, like a Feather Boa or Finger Cymbals, I will make sure to let you know ahead of time!  


Q: What is your emergency inclement weather policy?
A: If class needs to be cancelled, I will give you notice. I prefer to text you instead of making an announcement in the Facebook group, because not everyone is on Facebook, and I feel that you are more likely to see a text message. I will give as much notice as possible, as in inclement weather. However, if I have an emergency while traveling to class, I will notify you ASAP. Either way, at my earliest opportunity, I will record that class and email it to you. 


Q: What if I do/don't want to perform? 

A: While I do encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and "take the stage," no one is required to perform. While some students are only looking for fun or fitness, others wish to take it to the stage, and the decision is yours. 

Dance Class Do's & Don'ts

If you have any preexisting injuries or physical limitations, or if you are pregnant, do consult with your doctor before taking classes. 

Do treat everyone with respect and courtesy. 

Do keep your cell phone stowed away and set to “silent”.  

Do not wear strong scents for those that have sensitivities. 

Do be on time.  All classes begin with a warm up designed to stretch and strengthen core muscles.  Please arrive to class promptly so you will not disrupt the class in session. For your own safety warm up on your own quietly in the back if you arrive late. 

If you are going to miss class, do tell me beforehand. The best way is to call or send me a text message, but you can use Messenger or email if you prefer. 

Do ask me questions! I bet someone else in the class has the exact same question that you do! 

D0 listen while I’m teaching.  

Do not speak over the person that is talking.  Even if you are talking quietly, you are probably not as quiet as you think you are. 

Do not teach in class unless otherwise asked.  Do not correct other students.  If you see someone that is struggling and I miss it, do make me aware of the situation. 

Do keep non-dance topics for after class. You can meet up in the parking lot or at a coffee shop. 

Do work at your own pace. Do not do anything that causes you pain; if you find that you are in pain during or after class, please notify me immediately. 

Do keep an open mind when trying new things and have a positive attitude.  Energy begets energy, so keep yours and everyone else’s positive! 

Do keep a supportive, kind and positive atmosphere for yourself and others.  Do not put yourself (or others) down for not getting something right away.  Do not use the phrase “I can’t”! 

Do try your best.  Hang in there and keep trying!  Do keep realistic expectations.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you will not learn the moves overnight. 

Do practice. You go to class to learn, but you will make progress if you practice outside of class.  Then you can spend the majority of your class time learning new material instead of spending time on review.  

Do take corrections well.  If I correct you, that’s because I’m invested in your development.  And, if you hear a correction given to another student, do pay attention as there is a good chance that it also applies to you.  

Do demonstrate good spatial awareness; make sure not to crowd the other students. 

Do not record or take pictures in class without permission. 

Do bring up any concerns with me after class.  Let’s have a conversation before it turns into an argument.   

Do participate in class polls.  Your input matters and will be taken into consideration. I want to make everyone’s class experience the best it can be! 

Do have fun!!!  Everyone should be having a good time and enjoying the process.  Dance is hard work, so celebrate your accomplishments.

Dance Class Testimonials

"Amira has taught me a lot of different techniques and choreography from basic belly dancing to tribal. She once taught a Burlesque class which was so much fun. She’s got a sweet personality and has put up with my giggles during class. She is passionate about the dance and I’m so happy to have moved back to the area to dance again"

~Andrea Humphrey


"I have just started classes and I have a lot of work ahead of me. Amira has been helpful in both observing my struggles and making suggestions on how to improve as well as she always has a upbeat positive attitude which makes me more comfortable in class."

~Cathi Sue


"(Amira) has a heart to serve and encourage others."

~Carrie M

“I took Amira Burlesque class after some prompting from my friend Noreen.  I’m glad that I did!  Using my hips and shoulders in a way that I typically was unaccustomed, I became aware of movement that promoted healing.  Our homework consisted of gyrations that brought movement back to areas of my body that essentially have been asleep for years because of overcompensation due to injuries.

After a few months since my first class and I practice swaying my hips with more flexibility and freedom.  My body heals and I am able to dance and move daily as my body is meant to, releasing tension.  My muscle memory is returning to its natural rhythm.  I am grateful to have partaken in Amira’s Burlesque class!”

~Dawn Darga

"I am so glad that at my age I tried belly dancing I thought it was for young people in great shape but I'm getting old and I'm getting sore from doing nothing this keeps me moving gives me a new outlook on life keeps the joints lubricated gave me a better confidence in myself I find that I have more strength, more stamina. I stand straighter, taller, stronger and above all I feel "Fearless". I didn't think I could get in front of anyone and perform but I found out I do have it within me. Everyone should try this at any age any shape it doesn't matter I would like to say thank you to Amira for her great job in teaching. She teaches the basics and she gets you into a routine. She's sneaky about that you don't even realize it. It's been a lot of fun and I hope we continue thank you."

~Sharon Bohland

"I had no preconceived idea about belly dancing .. I went with a friend who talked me into trying it .. From the music to the stretching to the isolated dance moves.. I enjoyed it also practicing a dance routine for a “Witches Day Out “I never like being the center of attention so this was out of my comfort zone and rocked it .Its great exercise fun group of ladies and Amira is very knowledgeable in all dance genres and very patient with us uncoordinated old folks results were beside my walking and gym days this also helped tone and help with my posture."

~Susan Scheik

“I’ve been involved in the local Bellydance community for a number of years.  I recently began taking classes with Amira, and have been very happy both physically and spiritually.  I have learned that its very important to have a dance teacher who breaks down the steps so that you can learn the moves correctly.  Although her class is identified as beginner level, I welcome the teaching method and opportunity to drill moves.  The secondary benefit is that you get to meet other women and enjoy a sense of community.”

~Carol Murray

“Amira is an amazing Bellydance teacher!  She has the ability to break down the movements so you can actually do them.  She is versed in multiple types of Bellydance and can give tips on different moves for different styles.  She welcomes “all bellies” and she means it!  She has a great patience for the beginner and has variety that will appeal to a more seasoned student.  She does a wonderful job a choreography,  She would like to reach out to all women who are interested in trying (Bellydance) but don’t have the confidence.  Amira can help!  If you have bellydanced before and want to get back into it, come join us!  You will have a blast.  Bellydance after all is women celebrating women.”

~Chris Lautz

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