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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have specific teaching qualifications?

Amira began teaching in local dance studios in 2004. In 2009, she was certified to teach both Bellydance and Burlesque.

How much do you charge for your teaching services?

Class prices vary by the location. However, please check out the rates for private lessons and workshops.

Where do you hold your lessons?

Classes and workshops are generally held throughout northwestern Michigan. However,  Amira is available for classes, workshops and private lessons outside of the area upon request. Please contact her for more information.

What if I have never taken a Bellydance class before?

No problem! All dance levels are welcome in Amira’s Bellydance class. For those that have no experience whatsoever, Amira will give that student an easier version of the move that is being taught. For those with more experience or catch on faster, they will be challenged with a more difficult version of the same move. No previous dance training is necessary to become a skilled dancer. You will soon learn the Bellydance vocabulary.

Can anyone learn how to dance?

Of course they can! Amira’s classes are for absolutely EVERYONE. No previous dance experience necessary and this class will inspire all levels.
As it has been said in Zimbabwe, “If you can talk, you can sing, and if you can walk, you can dance.”
Anyone can Bellydance and its so much fun that you will forget that it’s even a class!
In no time you will be hooked, so make sure not to keep all this fun to yourself: make sure to take this adventure with all of your friends!

Can I take a Bellydance class at my age?

Absolutely! No matter what age you are, Bellydance is perfect for you. You do not have to be young to Bellydance. However, for legal reasons, minor students need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Am I too “fat” to take a Bellydance class?

Absolutely not! All bellies of all shapes and sizes are welcome in Amira’s Bellydance classes! Bellydance class is a safe and supportive environment free from competition and criticism. You will find yourself in a community becae it is NOT intimidating!

Do I HAVE to show my belly?

Not at all; it is entirely up to your comfort level and clothing preference.

Can I take a Bellydance class if I am pregnant?

Absolutely! The internal movements help to get in touch with the muscles of the pelvic region, the source of strength and energy. Many women use Bellydance as a way to prepare for childbirth as well as a way to recover after childbirth; it is one of the best ways to tone your core and back muscles after labor and delivery. Women who have danced through their pregnancy find the entire birthing process to be much less painful. It is recommended that you use Bellydance during your first two trimesters for ease and comfort, as mobility changes in the third trimester. NOTE: always consult your doctor or midwife with any concerns or questions.

What are the health benefits of Bellydance?

Strong posture, toned muscles, improved balance, improved dexterity, helps with weight-loss, improved coordination, increases strength, cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, increased blood circulation, relives menstrual problems, increased libido, increased physical awareness, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, increases metabolism, eases menopause discomforts, and even more!

What are the emotional benefits of Bellydance?

Bellydance combats depression, relieves stress, fights SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder), improves self-esteem, improves well-being, increased body awareness, and much more!

What are the spiritual benefits of Bellydance?

Bellydance is a way to pursue your spiritual journey. Once ancient and now modern, the dance evokes creativity and artistic expression. Bellydance lifts the spirit, creates universal awareness and enhances self-knowledge. Nourishing the body and soul, with continuous study, you will find your connection between movement, emotion and the higher planes of existence.

What styles of Bellydance do you teach?

Folkloric, Classical Oriental, AmCab (American Cabaret), TFBD (Tribal Fusion Bellydance), Egyptian, Turkish, and Bellynesian. Although Amira is not certified to teach ATS (American tribal Style), she is familiar with many of the Classical Tribal formats and have learned the vocabulary movements.

Can I observe a Bellydance class before actually taking one?

Students feel that it is “distracting” to be “watched” while they are taking a class. Also, it is not fair to those that paid for the class. Amira offers drop-in classes whenever possible.

Will men ever be watching a Bellydance class?

There are no spectators during classes, regardless of gender.

What should I wear to class?

Ultimately, you need to wear whatever makes you feel fabulous and enjoy taking class!
If you wear clothing that is too loose, Amira will not be able to see if you are executing the movements correctly.
For the lower body, please do not wear skirts as Amira needs to be able to see the mechanics of your legs to ensure that you are executing the movements properly. Instead, yoga pants, leggings, jazz pants or Bellydance pants are recommended. Make sure that they are comfortable and form-fitting.
For the upper body, form-fitting tanks or t-shirts are recommended. You can begin by wearing layers and remove layers as you warm-up.
For the hips, an Egyptian Coin Scarf or a Turkish Fringe Scarf is highly recommended, but not required. Amira quite often has these for sale. They are a valuable asset as hey accent your movements and help you to “feel” them better.
NOTE: please do not sit on your beaded hip scarf in class as the beads easily break and those going barefoot can end up with cuts on their feet.

What should I bring to class?

Bring a notebook, pen and a bottle of water. Props like Canes, Zills (Finger Cymbals) or a Veil may vary by class.

What is the emergency or inclement weather policy?

By two hours before class is supposed to start, the fate of the class for that evening will be decided. If the class is to be cancelled, it will be announced on Facebook via the private group. Every effort will be made to make-up a “snow day”.  If a class is cancelled, then a credit towards the next session will be given.  No refunds.

What if I DO or DON’T want to perform onstage?

No one is required to perform, however you may have the opportunity from time to time. While most students are looking for fun and fitness, some get the “Bellydance Bug” and wish to take it to the stage. In these instances, contact Amira Hamzar about where you are presently and what you need to do to go to the “next level”.

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