Testimonials to Amira Hamzar

Amira's Students...

"Amira has taught me a lot of different techniques and choreography from basic belly dancing to tribal. She once taught a Burlesque class which was so much fun. She’s got a sweet personality and has put up with my giggles during class. She is passionate about the dance and I’m so happy to have moved back to the area to dance again"

~Andrea Humphrey


"I have just started classes and I have a lot of work ahead of me. Amira has been helpful in both observing my struggles and making suggestions on how to improve as well as she always has a upbeat positive attitude which makes me more comfortable in class."

~Cathi Sue


"(Amira) has a heart to serve and encourage others."

~Carrie M

“I took Amira Burlesque class after some prompting from my friend Noreen.  I’m glad that I did!  Using my hips and shoulders in a way that I typically was unaccustomed, I became aware of movement that promoted healing.  Our homework consisted of gyrations that brought movement back to areas of my body that essentially have been asleep for years because of overcompensation due to injuries.

After a few months since my first class and I practice swaying my hips with more flexibility and freedom.  My body heals and I am able to dance and move daily as my body is meant to, releasing tension.  My muscle memory is returning to its natural rhythm.  I am grateful to have partaken in Amira’s Burlesque class!”

~Dawn Darga

"I am so glad that at my age I tried belly dancing I thought it was for young people in great shape but I'm getting old and I'm getting sore from doing nothing this keeps me moving gives me a new outlook on life keeps the joints lubricated gave me a better confidence in myself I find that I have more strength, more stamina. I stand straighter, taller, stronger and above all I feel "Fearless". I didn't think I could get in front of anyone and perform but I found out I do have it within me. Everyone should try this at any age any shape it doesn't matter I would like to say thank you to Amira for her great job in teaching. She teaches the basics and she gets you into a routine. She's sneaky about that you don't even realize it. It's been a lot of fun and I hope we continue thank you."

~Sharon Bohland

"I had no preconceived idea about belly dancing .. I went with a friend who talked me into trying it .. From the music to the stretching to the isolated dance moves.. I enjoyed it also practicing a dance routine for a “Witches Day Out “I never like being the center of attention so this was out of my comfort zone and rocked it .Its great exercise fun group of ladies and Amira is very knowledgeable in all dance genres and very patient with us uncoordinated old folks ..my results were beside my walking and gym days this also helped tone and help with my posture."

~Susan Scheik

“I’ve been involved in the local Bellydance community for a number of years.  I recently began taking classes with Amira, and have been very happy both physically and spiritually.  I have learned that its very important to have a dance teacher who breaks down the steps so that you can learn the moves correctly.  Although her class is identified as beginner level, I welcome the teaching method and opportunity to drill moves.  The secondary benefit is that you get to meet other women and enjoy a sense of community.”

~Carol Murray

“Amira is an amazing Bellydance teacher!  She has the ability to break down the movements so you can actually do them.  She is versed in multiple types of Bellydance and can give tips on different moves for different styles.  She welcomes “all bellies” and she means it!  She has a great patience for the beginner and has variety that will appeal to a more seasoned student.  She does a wonderful job a choreography,  She would like to reach out to all women who are interested in trying (Bellydance) but don’t have the confidence.  Amira can help!  If you have bellydanced before and want to get back into it, come join us!  You will have a blast.  Bellydance after all is women celebrating women.”

~Chris Lautz