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Personalized Attention From A Certified Bellydance and Burlesque Instructor

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Most choreography workshops will run 2-4 hours.


A Halloween-themed Burlesque solo choreography requiring pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

“Bunny Hop”

Burlesque Easter Bunny solo choreography that can be adapted for group performance.

“Candy Man”

A Tatib/Asaya (cane) solo choreography originally performed as Burlesque, but can be also performed as Bellydance, group or solo.

Note: “How to Craft a Cane” can be included.


A Burlesque comedic riff on Chiquita Banana choreographed for a “Birdcage” themed show. 

Note: how to craft a fruit-covered top or a fruit-covered headpiece can be included.

“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”

A Bellydance choreography designed for a student troupe holiday-themed performance, but can also be performed as a soloist.


A blend of Tribal Fusion and Hip-Hop.  Originally designed for a solo, but can be adapted for a group performance.

“Feeling Good”

Created for RAKtoberFest 2018.  A Jazz-inspired BellyEsque choreography designed for three or more performers wearing fedoras.


Carnivale choreography ideal for a large group of enthusiastic performers.

“I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before”

A very short Double Veil choreography designed for a Circus-themed show.  Involves many spins, so not for those who get dizzy easily!  Originally a Burlesque choreography, but can easily adapt to Bellydance.

“I Dream of Jeannie”

Created for RAKtoberFest 2019.  A Bellydance chiffon Veil choreography for a group of three or more.

“Izvorski Biseri”

Originally a Burlesque Sword duet designed for a Circus-themed show.  Can easily be adapted for Bellydance and can be done as either a group or a solo.

“Maahi Ve”

Created for RAKtoberFest 2018.  A Bollywood choreography for five or more performers. 

“Mele Kamikimaka”

A Bellynesian holiday-themed choreography originally designed for a student troupe, but can performed as a soloist.

“Opa Cupa”

Using two small fans, originally choreographed for a Circus-themed show for four performers.

“Pandora’s Fire”

Far Eastern themed choreography beginning with a Thai Fingernail surprise and concluding with double Chinese Silk Veil Fans.  Originally designed for a soloist, but can be adapted for a group performance.

“Pink Panther”

Created for RAKtoberFest 2018.  BellyEsque (family-friendly) Tatib/Asaya choreography designed for two or more performers, but can be done as a soloist.

Note: “How to Craft a Cane” can be included.

“Real Gone”

Vintage Burlesque Bump-&-Grind choreography.

“Siente Mi Amore”

Inspired by the teachings of Amaya, the Gypsy Queen of the Desert.  This double Spanish Fan choreography was originally designed as a Burlesque solo, but can be easily adapted for a Bellydance troupe.


Double Chinese Silk Veil Fan choreography.  Originally for Burlesque, but can be easily adapted for Bellydance.