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I want to take a moment to welcome you to The School of Rak. In our modern-day, the School of Rak is everywhere you are, to help you Rak your life. We have so many struggles in our day-to-day lives, and I created the School of Rak to lead others through the healing process that I went through, using dance as a healing modality.  Besides learning dance moves, there are the Four Pillars; the Mind-Set, the Heart-Set, the Soul-Set, and of course, the Body-Set. These are the cornerstones of the healing journey and I encourage you to utilize them so you an have your most Rak'n life!

Let me know how I can help you, Amira 



Dance has been very healing for me after I suffered a traumatic brain injury, and heard that dance is "god for the brain." It's also good for the heart! Amira has a gift for teaching: she always makes me feel comfortable; even gabbing me chair for support on my wobbly days!  Dance is an important part of my healing journey!

Rachel Phelps

Amira is an amazing teacher; she encourages fun and happiness, and she always let you "go at your own pace."  This class has made me more confident and made me realize things that seemed impossible, like performing onstage! I never thought that I could dance, but Amira helped me. It's so much fun that it doesn't even seem like exercise. Class is a positive space to help you feel better about yourself!


Belly Dancing with Amira has changed my life. I've learned to love my body and understand it better. The classes are so much fun, and Amira goes at whatever pace you are comfortable with. She is a wonderful teacher; very patient and kind. We always have a lot of fun in class.  It's exciting to see the difference in mu body; it's a great full-body workout while having fun. There's always something new to learn. No matter the body-type or age, everyone can enjoy Belly Dancing. 



Why Take Class From Amira?

You might feel that a dance class is simply that, and nothing more.

But did you know that dance is a form of healing for many?

I help women, who are struggling with self-esteem issues from negative programming and abuse,

heal through the power of dance, and to build powerful self-confidence, so they can Rak their world.

If this sounds like you, then a School of Rak class is the right fit for you, because this is what is near-and-dear to my heart!

I went through the healing journey, and I can lead you through it as well. This my passion and this is my purpose!

I'm known for my enthusiasm, positivity and how I nurture my students.  

I was the first in the state of Michigan to be certified to teach the Goddess Workout(R), and the philosophy aligns perfectly with mine; hand and glove!

Yes, you can take any dance class, but I encourage you to give mine a try and take that first step to your dance healing journey!


The Goddess Workout® Mondays in Kalkaska:

Basic Belly Dance Fundamentals 10-week class 7pm-8pm

Week #1: Slides & Twists

Week #2: Bumps, Lifts, & Drops

Week #3: Undulations & Snakes

Week #4: Squares & Diamonds

Week #5: Circles

Week #6: Figure 8’s & Crescents

Week #7: Basic Shimmies

Week #8: Slow and Traveling Steps

Week #9: Beyond Basic Shimmies

Week #10: Fast Traveling Steps

In-person or Zoom

The Goddess Workout® Thursdays in Traverse City:

Beginner Belly Dance 6pm-7pm

In-person at the Garden Spa & Himalayan Salt Room: 2322 US-31 49686 or Zoom

Belly Dancer

What's In It For You? 

The Goddess Workout(R) isn’t an ordinary dance class. It is extraordinary because it empowers you to shine your light. 
This class is goddess embodiment!  As you level up and step into your highest power, you will find you are attracting new magnificent dreams, and that you now have the power to make them come true. The Goddess Workout(R) will show you how to embody this through dance so that you start to truly believe in yourself. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes for you. There is no prerequisite or prior dance training needed.  

No matter your heritage, religion, background, weight or age – YOU, are welcomed, applauded, sanctified and blessed to empower other women through The Goddess Workout(R).  

Our energy is force! We are stronger together. Unity is a source of our power, and no one can teach or dance just like you. Your uniqueness is your superpower. The world has been waiting for you to show up. I have been waiting for you to show up. You can only imagine how happy we are to see you! 

Latest News & Events

Amira Hamzar and Ragnar Rak performed in the online hafla "Breaking Hearts"

on 2/24/24 and you can watch it here!

Amira Hamzar performs in Flint at the Ebony Qualls event on  5/4/24

The Goddess Workout® Teacher Certification COMING SOON!

The Benefits of Dancing

The physical health benefits of dance: 

  • Strong posture 

  • Develop and tone muscles 

  • improved balance 

  • improved dexterity 

  • helps with weight-loss 

  • improved hand-eye coordination  

  • Improved motor skills  

  • increases strength 

  • cardiovascular health 

  • increased flexibility 

  • increased blood circulation 

  • relives menstrual problems 

  • increased libido 

  • increased physical awareness, 

  • reduces the risk of osteoporosis 

  • increases metabolism 

  • eases menopause discomforts 

  • Dance produces the neurochemical endorphin, which makes you more energized   

  • And much more! 


The Emotional Benefits of Dance: 

  • combats depression 

  • relieves stress 

  • fights SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) 

  • Develops self-confidence and improves self-esteem 

  • improves well-being 

  • increased body awareness 

  • and much more! 


The Mental and Learning Benefits of Dance: 

  • Cognitive growth 

  • Social development 

  • Emotional development 

  • A deeper care for learning 

  • Making a connection between learning and how it applies to everyday life 

  • Working more diligently 


The Behavioral and Social benefits of Dance: 

  • Eases hyperactivity 

  • Reduces self-destructive behaviors 

  • Keeps you calm and focused 

  • Improves sensitivity and consideration for others 

  • Promotes understanding  

  • Broadens your horizons  

  • Helps you to relate to people in your daily life 


The Spiritual benefits of Dance: 

  • Provides another way to pursue your spiritual path 

  • Evokes creativity and artistic expression 

  • Lifts the spirit 

  • Creates universal awareness 

  • Enhances self-knowledge  

  • Nourishes body and soul 

  • Aids in connection to the higher lanes of existence  

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Find A Class Near You!

Current classes in Traverse City and Kalkaska.

Previous classes in Bellaire, Central Lake, Evart, Houghton Lake, and Kalkaska. Ask me if I can bring a class to your town!

larger certified goddess workout instruc

About Amira and the School of Rak

Learn about Amira's healing journey through dance.

Find out what the School of Rak can do for you.

Belly dance Class

School is ALWAYS In Session!

In-person classes.

On-demand classes and programs.

Check out the new Traverse City Location:

Garden Spa & Himalayan Salt Room

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