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Amira Hamzar

CEO and Founder of the School of Rak






CEO and Founder

About Amira & the School of Rak

Goddess Salutations!  I'm Amira, and I help plus-size women that are looking for a purpose, sometimes divorced and starting over, and feeling disconnected from their bodies, go from feeling hopeless and helpless to an empowered goddess so they can live their most Rak'n lives. 

I found Belly Dance on a fluke, and immediately got "the bug." Since then, I have been studying various styles from instructors from around the globe, and my goal is to pass on what I have learned to you.

Although I started with Ballet at the age of four, I celebrated 20 years of Belly Dance in 2021! I have been teaching since 2004, and got certified to teach The Goddess Workout(R) in 2009.  I have taught throughout Michigan at various events and festivals, including in a barn! 

I have performed from street festivals to stages. Although I have performed as a soloist many times, I absolutely love dancing with a group of my students. It's not just the joy of the sisterhood, it's about me being a way-shower. I guide them to step out of their comfort zone and step into the spotlight; to step out of fear and into a self-confidence and empowerment! 

The Goddess Workout(R) is not about having "perfect" technique or the "perfect" body, because there's no such thing as "perfect."  It's about utilizing the power of dance to bring about healing and transformation. It's about using dance moves to move through blockages. It's about using combinations to bring about new life-affirming configurations.  It's about using weight changes to bring about positive changes. I found my "inner goddess," and you can find yours, too!

 I pass on the GoddessLife(R) philosophy to my students because I am passionate about empowering other women the way I found it; through the healing power of dance. I want you to live your best life, feel happy, confident, and inspired!

I have been studying various forms of healing modalities from around the globe, and I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. The healing power of dance is only one way that I can help you on your therapeutic journey. 

Not only am I certified in healing modalities and teaching dance, I am also certified through the Online Trainer's Federation, so I can help you have the best possible virtual class experience.

In addition to my other certifications and training, I am also a certified Motivational Coach.  You will find my positive attitude both inside and outside of class.

My goal is to make class your most favorite hour of the week; the one that you look forward to because it makes you feel like a goddess!

Welcome to the Goddess Workout(R) and keep Rak'n!



  • Goddess Workout(R)

  • Online Trainers Federation(R)

  • Motivational Coach


  • Community focus: working together is essential, we are stronger together, we can get more accomplished and help each other through challenging times.  

  • Continuous improvement, professionalism, quality, integrity, and excellence. Driven by passion, we hold a deep respect for each other, ourselves, and our standards.   

  • Support, respect, and honesty: these are basic needs for each of us.  When we trust each other and ourselves to act in the best interest for all, our art and community excels.   

  • Diversity and inclusion: this is a space for everyone to be respected, embraced, and celebrated through a community that appreciates each student’s   

  • Cultural appreciation and understanding: we honor those trailblazers that made it possible for us to dance today. They inspire us to reach to greater heights, and to continue the evolution of the artform.    


To build and grow a supportive and sustainable respected community of dancers, committed to diversity, excellence, grace, and inclusion, recognized the rich and diverse repertoire of global dances, with a notable impact on cultural education and appreciation, as well as developing the necessary foundation for those students that aspire to pursue the performing arts.     



Besides providing a global dance education program, the School of Rak is committed to using movement as a healing modality, utilizing the four pillars: the Mind Set, Heart Set, Body Set, and Soul Set. As students grow artistically, they improve self-confidence and self-esteem, becoming empowered in a safe, encouraging, and uplifting atmosphere. The School of Rak community promotes inclusion, acceptance, respect, teamwork, and a strong work ethic, so each student excels and thrives inside and outside of the classroom. All this while nurturing each student’s gifts, talents, and passion for dance.      



Inviting & Supportive Space 

One of the most important things when attending any kind of class is an inviting and supportive environment. You need to feel welcome, comfortable, and positive to have the best possible experience.   

You can watch a video of the facility closest to you to check out the space for yourself! 

Experienced, Qualified, & Certified Instructor 

Perhaps the most important aspect of your dance class is having an instructor that has experience, qualifications and certifications, as well as passion and drive..  Even though I started my dance journey with Ballet at the age of four, I celebrated 20 years of Belly Dance in 2021. I also teach a variety of dance styles, including culture, history and background.  I have studied with numerous teachers from around the globe, and my goal is to pass that on to you! 

You can find out more about my qualifications here. 

Well-Organized Class Structures  

A good dance studio will have well-organized class structure, session structure and program structure. All these will be attainable to those of any dance level to ensure both optimum class experience as well as journey. 

Check out the various programs, levels and packages here. 

Variety of Dance Styles Offered 

A good dance studio will offer a variety of styles and the School of Rak offers both ethnic and western dance styles, including Middle Eastern (Belly Dance), Polynesian (Hawaiian and Tahitian), South Asian (Indian), Afro-Centric, Latinx, as well Hip-Hop and global fusions.  

Explore all of the styles of dance offered and the various dance levels. You might find a style that you have always wanted to try and then take one of the free sample classes.  

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