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Belly Dance Can Help Bladder Leaks

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Belly Dance To Help Bladder Leaks

The abdominal movements from Belly Dance strengthen the "core muscles," which are the muscles of the stomach. Strengthening these muscles in turn, also supports neighboring muscles, including the Pelvic Floor. The Pelvic Floor contracts when the deep muscles of your back and abdomen contract, and all of this helps the Bladder, as well as providing support and stability to the spine and organs while moving. In other words, strengthening your core muscles helps to either reduce or even eliminate Urinary Incontinence.

Back in 2017, a study was done on the health effects of Belly Dance specifically focused on Urinary Incontinence. There were 24 middled-aged women in total; 12 women participated in a 90-day Belly Dance program that focused on the strengthening of the pelvic muscles two-times per week, and another 12 did not. Both before and after the study, all 24 women had their muscles related to vaginal pressure and urinary incontinence measured. It was found in those 12 women that did participate in the Belly Dance program that their maximum pressure for Pelvic Floor contraction increased, and the length of the contraction also increased. In other words, they had a better ability to squeeze their pelvic openings to prevent leakage.

Belly Dance is low-impact and natural to the female body, and it is appropriate for all shapes, ages, and sizes. A word of warning: although Belly Dance is generally gentle to the body, there can be some more vigorous movements. If you are experiencing Urinary Incontinence, or have a weaker Pelvic Floor, it's best to refrain from jumping, quick hip movements, and strong hip shimmies.

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