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How to Find the Perfect Set of Finger Cymbals

"If you would like to try symbols, experiment to see which kinds work best for you. You should be comfortable using them. Symbols should add to your dance, not distract from it."


Size Matters

When first starting out with Finger Cymbals, a "beginner should start to learn with a small set of finger symbols so that weight is not a factor." Most Belly Dance instructors recommend that beginners start with a set that is lighter and smaller, instead of a set that is too big and heavy. Over time with practice, you will build dexterity and be able to play at faster speeds before moving on to a larger set. And, there is no need to move onto a larger size; there are Belly Dancers that actually prefer using the small to medium version, unless they are playing them in a noisy venue, performing on a large stage, or performing at an outdoor event. So, when choosing your first set of Finger Cymbals, look for something around two inches in diameter.

Playing the Slots

Another thing to look for when selecting your Finger Cymbals is whether there is a single hole or two slots for the elastic. "The best type to get is when the elastic comes separate and has two slots at the top." This is for a couple of reasons. The first is because when there is only a single hole, the Finger Cymbal wobbles around and is more difficult for you to control. The second reason is because you can use a higher quality elastic, in the color of your choosing, cut the exact length needed, and tightened to fit your finger or thumb perfectly.

Ring my Bell

Because your Finger Cymbals are a musical instrument, it's better to "select them for the sound, not for their beauty." Listen to the chime of each style; ensuring that they have a "clear, bell-like ring" instead of a more "clunky" sound. Generally speaking, "the longer the sound resonates, the better the Finger Cymbals."

Shop 'till You Hip-Drop

Although Finger Cymbals are available via the internet, it's much better to check them out for yourself at a dance studio or from a vendor at a workshop. This way you can find the size, weight, and sound that is the "right fit" for you!

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