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The Meaning Behind the Three of Wands Tarot Card Routine

My student dance troupe, Ragnar Rak, has a routine in the upcoming online Tarot-themed showcase. For this show, we chose the Three of Wands and used Tahtib (stick) as our prop.

Description: Sometimes the Three of Wands is depicted as "three female figures in yellow holding one so that they form a triangle." These are the faces of the Triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Here are some key phrases for this card:

  • Manifesting through air

  • Mind in the sphere of form

Upright Interpretation in a Tarot spread:

  • Opportunity

  • Success in business

  • Success from working in collaboration with others (partner or mentor)

  • Sucess from luck: being in the right place at the right time

  • Thought or ideas taking shape or becoming clear

  • Taking action in the right direction

  • Following up on ideas and continuing to pursue them

And here is the Reversed Interpretation:

  • An endeavor that looked promising, but turned out to be a disappointing failure

  • Refusing to accept help from others, usually because of pride or arrogance

  • Thought from other sources, not ones you came up with yourself

  • Lack of original thought

  • Failure to listen to others

The overall theme of this card is when we have a project or some other kind of endeavor in our lives, that it is much better to ask for help and work as a team. When you watch our choreography, you will see that I incorporated the Triangle theme more than once. You will also see where we are not in synch and are in opposition with each other. However, we come back again to being supported by each other. We end our routine triumphantly, as we have overcome our differences and become one , cohesive unit. Watch myself and Ragnar Rak perform in the Tarot Showcase on Tuesday, February 14th at 7pm EDT. LINK


  • Understanding and Using the Tarot by Emily Peach

  • The Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed

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