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Teacher Spotlight: Neon

Teacher Spotlight: Neon

An instructor, choreographer, and performer, Neon is also the founder and owner of World Dance New York; an instructional, fitness, and entertainment publishing company geared toward women.

Neon was one of the first to produce her own Belly Dance fitness and instructional videos. She took what she had learned from her dance teachers, and fused this information with other teaching modalities, including shapes, energy trajectory, and language patterns. All this helped her students learn spatially and kinesthetically; and formed her signature accelerated learning program. In her videos, Neon utilized 3-D graphic overlays to visually aid the student while they track the shape and trajectory of the dance movement.

Although Neon initially started teaching Belly Dance, she expanded what World Dance New York offers. You can find videos for beginner to advanced videos from a variety of instructors: Belly Dance, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Samba, Bollywood, Flamenco Burlesque, Exotic, Fire, Stiletto, Go-Go, Hula Hoop, Capoeira, women's self-defense, prenatal, modeling, and hair and makeup. All of these are available in the DVD, on-demand, and app formats, as well as mainstream retail channels like Amazon.

Neon's instruction style heavily influenced me when I was first learning Belly Dance. To this day, I utilize the concepts of energy trajectory and geometric shapes. Students can't always easily remember the names of moves, but they can remember simple shapes. This helps them advance from lines to simple shapes, and then to complex shapes.

You can find the full line of what World Dance New York offers here: World Dance New York: Belly Dance Video Classes, DVD, salsa, samba...

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