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How to Add Elastic to Your Finger Cymbals

How to Add Elastic to Your Finger Cymbals

Now that you have your set of Finger Cymbals, it's time to add the elastic so you can start playing right away!


While some dancers use white elastic, it's not my first choice, as it can show dirt and wear. I prefer to use black and I feel that it looks more professional. However, some dancers will use white elastic for their middle finger and black elastic for their thumb, so they can readily determine which Finger Cymbals go where, even while you are backstage where it's dark.


Depending on the size of the slot, you are likely going to use 3/4-inch polyester elastic so it fits tightly and lasts longer. Cut a piece about 3-4" long on a diagonal one both ends. Insert the elastic into the slots from the top of the Finger Cymbal. Pull the elastic down through the slots, and repeat with the remaining Finger Cymbals. Make sure that the elastic is of equal length underneath the Finger Cymbal.


This next part is up to your discretion. While some dancers pin the elastic, others tie the elastic in a knot, and still others like myself have the ends of the elastic sewn together. Sewing versus pinning or knotting is usually preferred, so the sound of the Finger Cymbal isn't muted. Also, your elastic lasts much longer when it is sewn rather than pinned or knotted.

Whichever you choose, insert your finger or thumb into the loop, place the elastic at the base of the nail, and make sure it's tight. With the other hand, either pinch or pin the elastic ends together tightly to mark the spot. Take your finger/thumb out of the elastic, and pull the loop downward. At this point, either pin, knot, or sew the elastic, before cutting off the excess. Pull the loop back up to fit your finger/thumb and then repeat with the remaining Finger Cymbals.


Make sure that the elastic is very tight! Even though your fingertips may turn slightly blue, this is better than the Finger Cymbal flying off into the audience and hitting someone. If you find that they are not tight enough, as you are doing turns, you will end up making "claws" with your hands just to avoid an accident!


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