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Why You Should Learn to Play the Finger Cymbals

An important part of Middle Eastern Dance, Finger Cymbals are four small metal discs played by Belly Dancers worn "on each thumb and middle finger to incorporate and accentuate different rhythmic patterns into the dance."

They not only help you feel the beat, but they "may also help you to develop stronger hand and arm muscles and also develop extra grace in your arm movements."

"It takes some patience and practice connect the dance moves, the musical rhythms, and playing the symbols. But those who discover the charm of the symbols, would not want to dance without them."

While "integrating your finger symbols with your foot work as one of the more challenging aspects of studying Belly Dance," "one of the most satisfying skills for a dancer who is to being able to use the Finger Cymbals with intention."

"In fact, there was a time when a dancer could not get a job unless she knew how to play the finger symbols. If you listen to some of the old albums, there is always a Finger Cymbal player. The Finger Cymbal a player always got credit, and it was almost always a dancer playing them."

"Finger Cymbals are an excellent way to add excitement and professionalism to your performance," expressing yourself, and bring the audience more into your performance.

"The symbols lend us their voice to converse with the music; or with the musicians in case of a live performance; through musical phrases and accents. The gestures can become a game of call-and-answer, which requires a dancer to listen to the melody and rhythm, until the rhythm becomes interior. Then we are able to dance and play at the same time without losing tempo, and we pause while using the symbols, create a movement of silence within the music."

"So, be proud in your participation in the preservation I have one of the richest elements in the ancient and sacred art form of Belly Dance!"




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Michelle Joyce

Alexandra King

Jamila Salimpour

Maria Strova Tamalyn Dallal Neena and Veena

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